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The higher levels seem to cheat you from winning

While I enjoy playing this game during down time, I wonder if this game is rigged to make you lose. Level 447 was appropriately challenging until I accomplished the hardest part just to fail because I dis not collect one star. However prior to completing the hard objective I was able to gain at least one star. Honestly, this is the first time this as happened but it’s so frustrations that it encourages me to take a break from the game.

Best Game EVER!!

I love this game! Tropical Twist is a game that I play 24/7 and it's amazing!!! When I'm bored waiting for my sibs. or I'm waiting in the office for papers I play it and have fun! It's a wonderful game for 5 and up. I've had this game ever since it came out and I decided that I should share it to the rest of the world by rating it and telling every one about it. So hope u in joy❣️😁 📝🙃❤️💛💚💙💖💜💖💖💖💖


I love love love this game,myself and my hubby compete against (and of course my waaaay ahead of him😝 Regards, Janice H


Great game!

Really Fun

When I first saw this game, I thought it was for kids, but once I started playing I realized how much fun it was.

Fun game

I love this game.


Fun fun

Tropical Twist

Love it


It's so fun!!!!

Fun with out cost

This is a fun game to play, that doesn't cost real money to achieve higher levels.

Hours of fun

Been playing 3 days now. Still fun and challenging

Level 399

I am taking a few days off....this level is impossible to beat. Used all of my coins and still can't get it. Sometimes I think you do this to either stall players or force us to use real money to buy extra lives. Whatever it is, feeling very frustrated on this level so going to play Genies and Gems for a few days....see ya


Love it


I love this game !!!! I love how many levels there are !!! It's gets better and better I'm on level 215 !!! Great Game worth the download never had any problems levels reach to the 700's and has more coming in a couple days !!!!

Awesome Game

5 stars


Love it

Fun game

So far a fun game. Not too hard and nice prizes.

Fun times

Great new game to play! Very relaxing and perfect for bedtime playing.

Tropical Twist

Love it!!

Totally new way to play

Not just a typical match the game. Great concept on power ups treasure after every level and large amount of gameplay for free so you can really have long long time to decide if you enjoy I have completed over 30 levels and haven't paid a cent. Definitely recommend

App crashes upon open

Would give 5 stars if latest update didn't crash the app

My games

It's a fun game


Great game

Love it!!

Love it so far! Goes fast and is a little different from the other match games I've played.



Tropical Twist

Very addictive game loving every minute of playing it

Ok but needs some help

Addictive game. The higher levels are a little too complicated. Being stuck on the same level for 5 + days is getting a little ridiculous. Every time you get close the game works against you. Starting to not be fun anymore. Please update and fix little bugs like this. Also what happened to the 3 free moves for watching an Ad?

Purchases with coins not working

I like the game, but I am unable to purchase the spoon etc. with the coins I've earned. Playing in my iPhone. I suspect there is a tab below the helpers but it does not show on my screen! 😳😳😳

Kingdom Hearts


Love it

New favorite game


Love this game!

👍🏾 Great

👌🏻 Fun

Tropical Twist

Very entertaining. Lots of fun!

Awesome game

Lots of colors plenty of activity cool game

Hooked on this game :))))

Love this game......runs great and play it every day

So addicting

I love this game

Tropical Twist

Great game


I can't get enough of this game. So addicting just wish I had unlimited coins and life


I love this game


Love the new different ways to win coins, power ups! At least it's different than most match 3 games!


Fun game love playing it

Great game.

Great game and it likes time.

Very addictive

It's fun game to pass the time!


I really enjoy playing this game to my surprise.....



Tropical twist

Very fast game and I enjoy it very much

lovin diz game 👍🏾💙💋

loving diz game 👍🏾💜💋

❤ it

One of the better match games in App Store. No real complaints except since apple (stupidly!) got rid of Game Center connect they only other way to add friends is Facebook. I've got a LOT of friends who play these types of game but I can't invite ANY of them because the game only shows the same 25 people- all of whom do NOT play these games.... so I have no friends to play w/against!

I Play all day

Awesome game

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